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Swaragh Technologies is a budding and proficient web based company. Since its inception in June 2006, it has successfully designed and implemented software solutions and web enabled solutions to clients all around the world. Advances in communication technologies and new application specific computing architectures have driven the growth of the Internet economy. With these advances we wish to give new products and applications for our clients by understanding their business needs and providing them with best value propositions to give a wide array of solutions.

We build products with the belief that a website and its powerful tools are an integral part of the overall infrastructure.

We have experienced and achieved excellent growth by providing our clients with superior consultancy, solutions, products and services at affordable prices. Our teams of professionals add value to every project by following best practices in project management and taking care of customer satisfaction.

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+91 9845813007 / 9741769000

+91 9845813007 / 9741769000

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