SEO free online tools that will help you to improve your On-page Optimization better!

Do you know there are more than thousand’s of free online analysis tools on the web? So, which one is the best tool to use for on-page analysis and optimization, will be the most common question.

SEO online Free tool

Here, we have mentioned some of Google’s best practices and recommended tools which are the best for on-page analysis and optimization. Here are some good resources for people who are looking in for some awesome free tools and not for persons who are using paid tools.

(List is not in any particular order)

1. WooRank – Instant Website Review (Free & Paid Package)

Woorank-Website Analysis

WooRank is the most important SEO free online tool which gives you a full analysis of your website. It will give analysis on the category of Overall Score, On-Page, Technologies, Mobile, Backlink, Social Media, Traffic on the website, which will be helpful for the website owner or SEO analyst who can get the full overview of the website. People who would like to download or save the report for future purpose, this tool gives an option to download the report as PDF. Monthly 5 website analysis can be done under ‘Free Package’.

2. Siteliner – Explore your site (Free & Premium Version)

siteliner-duplicate content

To get duplicate content analysis, broken link, page power (prominent page) analysis report, you can choose Siteliner – an awesome tool which gives you a full analysis report. Siteliner allows you to analyse up to 500 pages under ‘Free Version’. This is helpful for services and small scale business websites. You can retrieve the report in 2 types, one get the overall report and other get particular analysis report in PDF.

3. SEO Site Check Tool (Free, Professional, Webmaster, Basic)

seo site check- website analysis

If you want to check only for particular factors like meta tags, sitemap, index page, website speed, text-HTML ratio, you can do it with the help of SEO site check Tool. The ‘free version’ will give a full analysis report up to 3 websites. You can download the report in the form of PDF and report will be saved internally in your account, you can see the report in your Account Dashboard.

4.  SEO Chats (Free)

seo chat - website analysis

Meta tags, sitemap, search engine friendly URL, page comparison and more factors can be generated with the help of SEO Chat in ‘Free Package’. SEO Chat is a unique online SEO free tool that gives you more factors to analyse and generate code for optimizing and structuring the website. You can use most of the factors for free. This is another awesome tool for your website Onpage analysis and optimization.

5. XML Sitemap – Sitemap Generator (Free, Pro Services)

xml sitemap

XML Sitemap is a tool for generating all kinds of sitemap like ROR, XML, HTML, text up to 500 pages. This SEO tool has options to change frequency, last modified, priority which you can choose based on your needs. You can download the sitemap and all other files individually or in Zip file.

6. TinyPNG – Image Optimizer (Free, Premium Version)

Tiny PNG-Image Optimizer

Images are files which grab a lot of space in your webpages and slow down the load time. For overriding this issue you can use TinyPNG. Its an image optimizer tool which reduces the image size without breaking pixel. Maximum 20 images within 5mb can be uploaded for optimizing. TinyPNG also gives plugin for Photoshop Users for 50$. It is one of the best tools which is useful in reducing the size of image files.

7. Dan’s Tools – Htaccess Redirect (Free)


Htaccess is a file to instruct the server about the WWW redirect and response code to browsers. Most of SEO Beginners and Digital Marketing Startups are not aware of the use of Htaccess in website optimization. For this, Dan’s Tool generating Htaccess is an easy one. It is a free tool which generates code for WWW redirect, 301 redirects and also provides colour picker and CSS fonts for free.

8. Google Structured Data Testing Tool (Free)

Google Structure Data Analysis

Testing structured data in your website like Schema file local business address, product reviews and more, this tool can be used. Either you can give the URL of the website or copy and paste code directly, this tool will test schema data in no-time. This tool is really useful for Blog, E-commerce, Product review websites.

9. Google Page Speed Insight (Free)

Google Page Speed Insight

To test website Speed, user experience on the website, you can use the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool. This tool will show the overall speed score for Desktop and Mobile devices. It will also show an error that should be fixed to speed up the website.

10. Google Mobile Friendly Test (Free)

Google Mobile Friendly check

This tool will be useful for you to take Mobile-Friendly Test for your website. It gives the analysis result of blocking factors and mobile preview screenshot. Its also provides the link to recommended Google help document and support forums.

11. Google Search Console (Free)

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a standard tool that helps you to check crawl, indexing, structured data, search analytics, security issue and manual action message from Google and many more options to optimize the website in preference of search engine friendliness. Link to Help Document.

12. Web CEO (Free, Premium Version)


Web CEO is a free SEO tool which is specifically used by many Company CEOs, Individual Business Owners and Directors. This tool gives details regarding On-Page Optimization Activity and Google Analytics Dashboard report for easy references. We can also do keyword analysis and competitors analysis with this tool. 5 targeted keywords tracking and limited access options are allowed in ‘Free Version’.

13. GT Metrix (Free)

GT Materix

GTMetrix is a free tool to check the speed performance of a website using PageSpeed and YSlow. GTMetrix gives a detailed report on the web page performance i.e which element is slowing your website, generate scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them. This is an awesome tool for developers to optimize the website speed.

14. Copyscape (Free, Premium Version)

copyscape-duplicate content optimizes

Copyscape is a tool which gives a detailed report on duplicate content. By inserting URL, you can get all duplicate content which is optimized on other websites. Copyscape is also providing free banners to protect your website content. In ‘Free Version’ you can use only limited access and in the paid version you get content protected banner and more access to analysis in-depth of website content.


These are some of the tools which are very useful and productive in On-page Optimization. If we have missed out to list any other important tool, please comment on those tools below. If you have any queries regarding the SEO Tools or any On-Page Optimization you can write to us and we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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