All New Google Kiddle Search Engine – Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search Engine, Big Thumbnails, Kids Oriented result, This is what Google says about the Kiddle. 

kiddle search engine

Kiddle Search Engine

Kiddle is a Safe Search Engine for Kids, which looks very colourful and Image oriented for kids activities. Four different kinds of results are provided in the search bar – 

  • Web
  • Images
  • News
  • Videos

which all are related to kids content. When we make any search in kiddle, it gives the result-oriented to kids and doesn’t look like the usual google result. It differs as it shows the relevant images of websites in the Left side of search result and looks very cool!. PPC Ads result is also displayed in search result on the Right side of the screen. It has some unique features like Blocking keywords, Blocking website, etc in the search result.

Kiddle Search Result

Kiddle Search Result

This Search engine gives some hope to Parents to keep their kids away from adult content and helps kids to get the information in their own way which is very Innovative and Colorful. These days kids have a lot of hurdles to get relevant/specific information in the regular Search Engine but now it’s going to be easy with Kiddle. As of now, no bugs/Issues are found by the Techies about the Kiddle Search Engine. Let’s wait and see how Kids are going to enjoy “Kiddling“.      

Google Search Result VS Kiddle Search Result

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