Today, every small integrant has a website. According to a poll, around 1 billion websites are cataloged on the world wide web. One thing that should be in your mind is that your website benefits as your company’s front entrance. A website should be easy to access, should have excellent content, and good speed within the website, having the navigation bar neatly arranged with minimal to zero clutter. All this facilitates a user-friendly website that can be easily accessed and preferred by the viewers or users. 

Everyone nowadays is technologically well informed. When customers want to have a grasp about your company, they just visit your website, where they will perceive all of the inescapable facts at their fingertips. As the platitude goes, “first impression is the best impression,” it is always better to do things in order, right from the first shot. Make your website the face of your company by following these basic guidelines. 

  • Choosing the perfect domain name for your website 

Every developer understands what a domain name is. I’d like to use a case in point to elucidate it in layman’s terms for non-tech geeks like myself. Just like how an address is predominant for a person to locate your house, a domain name is the address of a website. People will have a difficult time finding your residence if the address is not presented properly with the imperative details. Comparably, your domain name should consistently incorporate everything equated to your company, brand, or product so that your website can be caught straight away. Always a user-friendly interface can be developed only with genuine needs. 

One of the leading website designers in Bangalore Swaragh Technologies has made sure that the domain name and the company name hold relevant information about their company.
  • Speed of the website

Ok! Let me break down a fact for you here. The human attention span is just, I repeat just 3-9 seconds. This is the minimal time you can haul someone’s attention to your website. And what if your website takes a long time to load? You will not stand a chance in this massive competitive field. As an aggregate, even before considering any other factors, the page speed insights of the website should be given top scrutiny while developing a website. This will help the website to be more adaptable and reach a lot of people. This will accommodate your viewers in perceiving and assimilating your website content at a rapid rate. 

Some of the tools that help in the testing of a website are as follows:

Swaragh Technologies, one of the leading website designers in Bangalore provides excellent speed in all the websites they develop. This example will throw some light on the same issue.


  • Clutter-free and elegant user-friendly website 

Clutter-free is the new sophistication. We always commend things or people who are sophisticated, right? The way they carry themselves out, the way they present themselves, and many other aspects. Envision a website that includes all of these characteristics. People nowadays like everything to be on point. This makes the website more user-friendly. The actual talent is in making the navigation bar seem as uncomplicated as feasible. People nowadays fancy positioning all of the information yet furnishing the page with fewer alternatives. Make your website so adaptable that visitors will remember or recollect it even if they are not looking at it. Use a decent mix of text and visuals to create a tidy page.

One of the leading website designers, Swaragh Technologies has been able to bring down this feature with much grace and elegance in their websites worked upon.

It is a website dedicated to the products for pets and Swaragh Technologies has beautifully worked on it, giving the viewer an idea of what the vendor is trying to communicate right from the home page. 

  • Effortless navigation is much required for a user-friendly website

As with the previous approach, maintaining the navigation bar at a minimum level allows for a specific number of labeled tabs to be shown on the website. Also traveling from one page to another and getting back easily to the home page should be easy when navigating through a website. Uncomplicated websites are the most welcome always. Hyperlinking can be very much used to create a good user interface. Consider how nicely your house is built with the living room first and all the other rooms following. In this sense, your main page is the living room of your website, while the others serve to enable the various navigation tabs.

SICM is one of the websites that was developed by Swaragh Technologies, a leading website design company in Bangalore. The navigation of the educational website is amazing. When browsing through this website, the viewer encounters no ambiguity.
  • Visual Organizing of a user-friendly website.

Won’t it look awkward if you have your stove in the living room and also a sofa set in your kitchen? This is exactly how a website too would look if the contents are not organized properly. Always the contents should be placed in the right order under the right topics. This will help the person viewing a website understand the priorities and also be free of dilemmas regarding his intentions when going through an organized website. It also is a lot of convenient ways for the viewers. 

Swaragh Technologies, Bangalore, one of the leading website designers in Bangalore, designed Adarsha, a specialty chemical establishment, and how their works were presented in the navigation menu may be seen as an excellent example of conceptual organization.
  • Easy readability is always what makes a website, user-friendly when compared to others. 

This is a very important aspect when it comes to website development. People develop websites with one objective in mind: to make their product or service known to the general public. These people might come from any upbringing. So the website readability should be designed in such a manner that all types of individuals can read and understand the website, as well as consume what you’re attempting to impart through your website. This prompts for a user-friendly website. 

For a clear illustration of the same, Swaragh Technologies, one of the leading website developers in Bangalore, have made sure that all their website has easy readability as they use a good deal of infographic, eligible templates, and appropriate fonts. 

  • Call to action

A little more always adds a lot of value to any endeavor. When we can engage or connect with the viewers, there will be a new degree of comfort in continuing exploration. This is where the call to action comes in. This can be a small icon or a dialogue box that prompts the visitor to take action in order to learn more or progress through the website. Sign up or purchase a product, download choices, noteworthy invites, and so on are some simple examples.

A call to action is been of relevant importance in recent times. It has been a customer-friendly option as many customers opt for the same. Most of the leading websites in Bangalore make sure that they include this feature in all their websites. The sticky icons in the LHS facilitate the call to action option.
  • Effective SEO tactics and content is a must for a user-friendly website

The content is king. A customer can only acquire about your services and goods if you can explain them to him using the appropriate terminology. As a result, good content is crucial. It may be innovative to utilize sophisticated words and compose an article. However, it should not be overlooked that the website should be accessible to those with middling to outstanding levels of comprehensive abilities. As a result, the content should be developed in an elegant yet distinctive manner.

Always good content writing is appreciated. It is always the content that completes a website and gives the readers a contemplating view of that website. All the leading websites always make sure that the content provided is simple, meaningful, and elegant so that even ordinary people can understand. 

  • Customer-driven

One of the primary goals of a website should be to maintain existing clients while also attracting new ones. Customer loyalty results from a contented product. Furthermore, the website should be able to efficiently answer and clear the queries. This will also have a positive impact on the website.

Websites are developed and promoted in order to find potential clients. This is pretty apparent. Making it more user-friendly and adaptive has its own methods of making a website consistent among users. Making the contents and appearance of a website from the customer’s perspective assists a lot in drawing people to your website.\

  • Mobile responsiveness

Using 2022 world figures for mobile and laptop users, the number of people using mobiles is up to 91.54 percent, while the number of laptop users is between 75-80 percent. As a result, it is critical that the website responds well when accessed on a mobile device. In other words, the website should look well on both PCs and mobile devices.

Space is restricted on smartphones; adding more panels would make the data too compact and display too much stuff simultaneously, upsetting the user. With a mobile responsive website, you can ensure that these encounters are adapted to the platform and that consumers have a stable system with your website throughout smartphones.


Websites are an essential component of every type of company organization. As a result, it is critical that we ensure that decent work is done by adhering to all of the requirements and exercising as much originality as possible. Diving deeper into this above blog, one can discover some of the most effective but easy ways to make your website more appealing. You will never regret having a website as it will be how business happens in the near future. 

Let us have a worldwide influence by delivering services through websites and enabling people to be digitally equipped for a brighter future.

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